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The violin world has been an old-fashioned, hold-it-in-your-hand and play-on-it tradition for hundreds of years. The internet has changed this tradition slightly by enabling the musician to search violin shops across the country before they choose the instruments to audition.

We provide this partial list of some of our violins, plus a written description (history, sound) and pictures in our Gallery to help you in your search.

Violins  $20,000+

Francois Pique(labelled as), c. 1815.  Certificate by Jean Jacques Rampal, Paris as being from the Pique/Pirot school.  Beautiful French red original varnish.  Silvery sound.

Johann Georg Thir(illegible label), Vienna, c. 1770-80.   Certificate of Authenticity by Dario D’Attili.  Superb condition and a joy to play.  Excellent overall condition.

Romodeo Muncher, Cremona, 1907.  Certificate by Vettore of Amsterdam.  Muncher is considered one of Cremona’s  best makers at the turn of the 20th century.  Beautiful violin with golden red finish on a yellow ground.   Rich, clear tonal quality with carrying power.

August da Rub, Viterbo, Italy, c. 1760-70.  Certificate by Dario D’Attili (copy).  Striking instrument, beautiful to the eye and the ear.  The slender contour of the violin makes it suitable for the smaller player.  Excellent condition. 

Aldo Cappelli, Italy, 1979.Two certificates: Maker’s and Jean Jacques Rampal of Paris, France.  Gorgeous condition throughout.  Excellent potential for growth both musically and as an investment.  Fine sounding modern Italian.

Unknown maker bearing a label of Sanctus Seraphin.  Certified by Rembert Wurlitzer as being of the school of Milano, c. 1770.  Absolutely beautiful  Italian yellow varnish of superb clarity.  The richness of its tone must be experienced personally.

Violins  $10,000 – 20,000

Benjamin Beugnies, a gifted young maker from France.  This violin is gorgeously antiqued, and it plays as superbly as its workmanship suggests.  2009 with Maker’s Certificate.  Personally acquainted.

Ok Kyum Kim, our gifted award-winning in-house maker, has crafted this beautiful violin with just a touch of an antiqued look.  It exemplifies fully Mr. Kim’s superb Cremona training and his innate talent, and it possesses great potential for the coming years. Inquire about other Kim violins.

Giorgio Grisles, Cremona, Italy.  Mr. Grisles always chooses the most stunningly beautiful wood for his artistic creations, and this violin is no exception.  Maker’s Certificate from 2005. It almost plays itself…  Personally acquainted.

Benoit Charon, France, has created another exciting instrument from the French school.  Those of you familiar with violin history know that many violins of French origin have always been the equal of numerous Italian makers.  This superb creation is no exception.  Maker’s Certificate.  Personally acquainted.

Georg Albeck, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2003.  Mr. Albeck’s violin combines a beautiful soft-appearing varnish with a sound that envelopes the senses, and pleases the ear.  Maker’s Certificate.  Personally acquainted.

David Ayache, Montpellier (France), 2007.  Maker’s Certificate.  An absolutely wonderful violin, antiqued, with a most beautiful one-piece back of superior Bosnian maple.  Dark red/brown finish.  Pure joy to play.  Personally acquainted.

Marco Nolli, Cremona 1997.  One of Marco’s earlier creations, not antiqued, and ‘as new’.  Marco has developed into one of the most successful of the contemporary Cremonese makers.  Personally acquainted.

Marco Piccinotti, 2005, Botega (shop of), presents a fine violin at a very reasonable price for this quality of work.  Mr. Piccinotti is acclaimed as one of Italy’s very best makers, and anything emanating from his shop would certainly attest to this fact.  Maker’s Certificate.  Personally acquainted.

Violins  $6,000 -  10,000

Mittenwald, Bavaria bearing a label of Joseph Klotz,1794.A wonderful old violin with a tone of great sweetness and warmth.  The condition is excellent and it only awaits the right player…

Jens Goldmark, 1964, Budapest.  The wood of the one-piece back is of striking figure, and the violin is in excellent condition.  A wonderful example of the Hungarian maker’s work.

Vauscher, Arnote (sic), Chicago 1909.  This is a wonderfully constructed violin showing the influence of Conrad Heberlein.  The condition is excellent as is the playability.

Georg Shumanov, Chicago 2009.  This Bulgarian-born violin maker creates violins with the player foremost in his mind.  This new example of his expertise will please your discriminating tastes for tone and playability. It is a beautiful violin of red/brown varnish on a yellow ground, applied expertly to excellent quality European maple and spruce.

A very interesting violin from Mittenwald that exhibits the finest of Mittenwald’s wonderful violin making history.  The plain Mittenwald maple, the wonderfully constructed interior, and the ease of playability set this instrument apart in its price range.  Labelled Postacchini, 1848, it most likely dates from circa 1870 – 80.

Ch. J.B.Collin-Mezzin, 1928, Paris in near perfect condition.  Excellent choice of wood, beautifully applied varnish, and the quality always associated with this family of French makers, makes this an excellent choice for the aspiring amateur or rising young player.

1929 E.H. Roth, Markneukirchen, Germany.  It is labelled E.H. Roth as a copy of Lorenzo Guadagnini.  The condition is absolutely first quality and it exemplifies all that has come to make genuine Roth instruments the excellent investments they are.
Another E.H. Roth. Superb condition with a stunning one-piece back of gorgeous maple.  Wonderful response in the hands of the sensitive player. It dates from circa 1930.

Georg Albeck, Santa Fe, 2002.  A second offering of Mr. Albeck that is a wonderful violin .  Georg trained at Mittenwald and Berlin and until recently was Head of Restoration at Weisshaar’s Violin Shop in Los Angeles.  Personally acquainted.

Jean-Baptiste Colin, 1899 of Mirecourt and Paris, France.  This fiddle sings with the voice of a soloist with sweetness, clarity and projection.  The condition is superb and the maple is some of the most striking you will find.