About Roland Huthmaker and Huthmaker Fine Violins

Roland Huthmaker first asked for a violin when he was four. His mother, a pianist, often took him with her to the music store when selecting piano music. But it was the third trip, when he asked again and burst into tears that Mrs. Huthmaker bought the violin.
After years of study, Roland became a professional violinist with performance degrees in violin and performance experience in numerous symphonies and chamber music groups.
A deep love of music, string instruments, bows and their histories brought him into the world of violin collecting, restoration and bow restoration. Years of luthier studies only deepened his fascination of instruments.
Travel has taken Roland into some of the auction houses and  violin shops in Europe and America, as well as the workshops of many violin and bow makers.

During the week, you can find him in the workshop of our violin shop in Duluth (Atlanta), Georgia.  Various projects are lined up on his workbench: a soundpost patch, neck graph, regraduation of a violin, and a new bridge for a special customer.

"I love fiddles and bows," he says.

He also loves old cars as demonstrated by the menagerie in our garage: two MGTDs, a Citroen Deux Cheavaux and another MG GT.  In one corner are his golf clubs--and fishing tackle in the other corner.

Also in the shop are Dixie Huthmaker, wife, violist and boss, and Anna Huthmaker, favorite daughter, 'cellist/bassist and our bow specialist.

Huthmaker Violins and our special divisions, Huthmaker Fine Violins and Tiny Fine Fiddles, are located in northeast metropolitan Atlanta.

We are available by email, phone or, if you are visiting Atlanta, at our shop.

Huthmaker Fine Violins  1.800.572.1019